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Amazon Targets Fake Review Facebook Groups


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Amazon is suing the owners of more than 10,000 Facebook groups. According to the report, the groups are producing fake reviews for products on Amazon marketplaces in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan.

According to the retail giant, these organizations offer cash or free products in exchange for Amazon reviews. One of the groups had 43,000 members when it was deleted earlier this year by Facebook’s parent company, Meta. “Amazon Product Review” was the name of the group.

The administrators would issue refunds to the group members after they had made purchases and submitted reviews for their chosen products. There were several different products involved, including camera tripods and automobile stereos.

Positive reviews in particular, in large numbers, increase a seller’s visibility on Amazon’s platforms and move them up search engine results pages.

Without necessarily knowing that this will be done in the form of bogus reviews, Amazon sellers can lawfully pay for firms that offer to raise their ratings online.

According to the company, the group administrators covered up language that would have been identified by Meta’s automatic systems for looking for rule-breaking.

One instance given was a Facebook post with the message “R*fnd Aftr R*vew” (refund after review).

After being notified by Amazon, Meta took down almost half of the groups. However, Amazon informed the BBC that all of its administrators were being sought after.

Near Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, in Washington King County, is where the lawsuit was filed.

Meta made the following claim: “Groups that solicit or promote fraudulent reviews break our rules and are taken down. We are collaborating with Amazon on this issue and will keep working with other companies in the sector to combat spam and phony reviews “Earlier this year, Amazon took legal action against four businesses it claimed were purposefully filling its shopping platform with false reviews.

Paying someone to generate or host bogus reviews would be prohibited under new suggestions being considered in the UK.

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Prior interactions between Amazon and businesses

Amazon has filed a lawsuit against four businesses it claims are purposefully flooding its shopping site with bogus reviews.

Nearly 350,000 reviewers were listed with three of the companies.

According to the tech giant, the businesses serve as unofficial middlemen between Amazon vendors and reviewers.

The company costs the seller a fee for raising its Amazon ratings, and the reviewers receive free things in exchange for each review, along with a modest fee.

According to the retail giant, the sellers may not even be aware that fraudulent reviews are being used to accomplish this.

It claims that the companies it has threatened legal action against have all targeted its platforms in the US, UK, Europe, Japan, and Canada. It attacked three of them early this year and is currently battling another.

As a result, one stopped doing business. Following Amazon’s efforts, Matronex claims in a statement on its website that the company has “totally shut down.”

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