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China launches Missiles Near Taiwan as Pelosi Visits

Image Source: War on the Rocks

China has carried out major military drills near Taiwan after Nancy Pelosi, a prominent US politician, paid the island a visit.

According to Taiwan, China reportedly launched 11 ballistic missiles into the seas off the coasts of that country’s north and south-western regions. Japan demanded an “immediate halt” to the exercises after learning that five Chinese missiles had also touched down in its waters.

Chinese officials perceived Mrs. Pelosi’s visit as a challenge to their assertions of Taiwanese sovereignty. Taiwan is seen as a secessionist province that will eventually be brought under its rule, possibly by force.

Taiwan has been practically autonomous since 1950, but the US does not legally recognize it. Taiwan continues to be Washington’s closest ally, and as part of that relationship, Washington sells Taiwan defense equipment.

The combined blockade, marine target attack, strike on ground targets, and airspace control operations were given particular attention in the drills, according to the Chinese military’s Eastern Theater Command.

Ms. Pelosi’s brief visit to Taiwan on Wednesday, which Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi described as “manic, foolish, and irrational,” heightened tensions.She is the most senior American official to have visited the island in the past 25 years.

China responded by firing a record number of ballistic missiles into the air and engaging in military drills along Taiwan’s coast.

The country has turned on its defense systems and is monitoring the situation, according to Taiwan’s defense ministry. In a statement, Taiwan’s foreign ministry accused China of “following the example of North Korea in purposely firing missiles into waters near other states.”

North Korea, a steadfast ally of China, is accused of raising tensions in the region by carrying out many missile tests recently.

China’s Thursday missile launches were harshly condemned by Japan.

The missile launches by China are obstructing maritime channels, flights to and from Taiwan, and airports.

Ships have been compelled to alter course, and days-long delays are expected to affect supply networks and cause delays in international trade. There have been more than 50 international flight cancellations at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport.

The USS Ronald Reagan, a naval carrier, was reported to be heading towards the region of the ocean that includes the waters south-east of Taiwan by the US Navy after tensions had risen.

As part of their routine patrol in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific, the USS Ronald Reagan and her strike group are now operating in the Philippine Sea, according to a US Navy officer.

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Additionally, a US plane that is capable of tracking ballistic missiles in flight has taken off from Japan and is heading towards Taiwan’s direction.

An Overview of China and Taiwan

Why do China and Taiwan’s relations seem to be so strained? It is believed that the independent island is a portion of Chinese territory, and China contends that it should be reunited with the mainland, if necessary, by force.

Who has the reins in Taiwan? The island has its own constitution, democratically elected politicians, and a 300,000-strong active military.

Who recognizes Taiwan? Just a few countries have acknowledged Taiwan. Rather, Beijing is where the Chinese government is most widely recognized. The US is compelled by law to provide Taiwan with the means to defend itself, notwithstanding the two countries’ lack of diplomatic ties.

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