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Instagram the Most Powerful Tool for Every Entrepreneur?


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Due to differences in their approaches to business, entrepreneurs typically view different social media sites differently. Traditionalists may be wary of taking risks and may question whether the time and money spent developing a profile on newer platforms like Instagram is worthwhile. But, and I’m not alone, I believe Instagram is the future of business.

When I chatted with one of my entrepreneur friends, she mentioned how important Instagram is to her business because of her enormous following and the status that comes with it. She isn’t on her own: Many of my clients have reported that Instagram accounts for up to 70% of their sales.

So, how do you use Instagram to boost your company’s profile? Here are three of Instagram’s most distinctive features for business owners.

1. Providing them with a glimpse into your own life

Because Instagram is a visual platform, what you post on your profile will have an impact on how your customers and partners see you. This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the most important aspects of your career and personal lives.

Customers value not only the product or service that the company sells, but also the story that the company tells, according to research. Consider this: there are currently two high-grossing films on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ life and work. There’s a movie on Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, a TV show about the origins of ride-sharing software Uber, another about the origins of fast-food behemoth McDonald’s, and a slew of others. Customers enjoy learning about their favorite brands’ backstories.

However, this publicity can have a negative impact. On Instagram, it’s crucial to be sensitive in your messaging, and marketers can sometimes go too far in their efforts to be sympathetic. I recommend focusing on honesty, your goods, and sincerity if you want to engage with clients on Instagram.

2. Expanding your professional contacts on Instgram

When interacting with other entrepreneurs, Instagram is also a useful tool. Entrepreneurs used to have to network through chance encounters with prominent individuals – remember business cards?

Instagram and other similar platforms now allow you to carry around almost everyone’s business card in your pocket. All you have to do is go to their profile and send them a quick message inviting them to lunch or coffee if they have an account. Established businesses frequently leap at the opportunity to advise a newcomer (and get a free meal). A simple message might lead to unexpected places.

Similarly, location-based posts that let your fans know when you’re in town can be beneficial. A simple geotagged post from a key connection in your city, for example, could provide an opportunity to interact with that individual.

3. Increase your profit margins

Perhaps the most important aspect of any entrepreneur’s job is ensuring that the company generates enough revenue to stay afloat. Instagram has a lot of potential in this area, and millions of people use it to investigate things and see them in action.

It’s not a surprise that our clients have increased their lead generation by up to 1,000%. Consumers want to know that there is a person behind the goods who is willing to give it their seal of approval, even if they are buying from a business. It’s for this reason that Amazon and other online sellers take pride in presenting a nice face to customers: if you see that they believe in the goods, you’ll most likely believe in it as well.

When it comes to selling on Instagram, there’s a feature that every business owner should be aware of. Instagram Checkout, which debuted in 2019, allows users to purchase goods directly from the app. This is a feature you can’t afford to overlook, given Instagram’s higher-than-average engagement rate and user base.

There are no links in Instagram Checkout, so you won’t have to open a new browser tab or navigate away from the item you want to purchase. The purchasing process is quick and easy, and the user interface is enjoyable to use, as it is with almost anything on Instagram.

The facts are clear when it comes to social media for your small or medium business, especially in B2C segments: Instagram is a significant tool for building meaningful connections and developing your brand in various ways.

Both of these objectives are intertwined. Customers want a personal interaction with you as your brand’s key ambassador since it allows them to picture your product or service in their own lives and shows them that the person behind the firm believes in what they’re doing.

By using Instagram to invite customers inside your world, you may create limitless potential for meaningful interactions and the growth of your business. When it comes to your Instagram strategy, don’t forget to pay special attention to content development; don’t just concentrate on sponsored ads.

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