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Marriott Hotel to leave Russia after 25 years

Marriott Hotel

Image Source: Fortune

After 25 years, the Marriott hotel group has announced its exit from Russia, citing “difficult” operations due to Western constraints. 

Following the invasion of Ukraine, the firm closed its Moscow headquarters and halted investment in Russia. 

However, its 22 hotels across the country are still functioning and are owned by third companies. The process of ceasing business in Russia, according to Marriott, was “complicated.” 

“We have concluded that newly announced US, UK, and EU limitations will make it impossible for Marriott to continue to operate or franchise hotels in the Russian market,” the company stated in a statement. 

The business stated that it was “committed to taking care of our Russian-based employees” and has been assisting individuals in Ukraine and Russia in finding jobs with Marriott outside of conflict-affected nations. 

“We continue to join our associates and millions of people around the world in wishing for an end to the current violence and the beginning of a path towards peace,” the statement continued. 

As the war in Ukraine drags on and Western sanctions aimed at economically isolating Russia increase, Marriott follows McDonald’s, Starbucks, and other firms in pulling out. 

The public outcry over Vladimir Putin’s invasion pushed Western businesses to disassociate themselves as well. Hotel chains were singled out as being among the slowest to reply. 

Marriott noted that “the process of suspending operations in a market where Marriott has been for 25 years is challenging.” 

Marriott did not disclose any other information regarding its departure. Renault’s assets in the country were nationalized, while McDonald’s sold its stores to an existing franchisee, many of which were directly controlled by the corporation.

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