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Wimbledon 2022: Emma Raducanu suffers defeat

Image Source: Britwatch Sports

Wimbledon 2022 is filled with intrigues, especiall with big names crashing out of both the men and women’s event. After losing to Carolina Garcia in the second round of Wimbledon, Emma Raducanu is the most recent top tennis player not taking part.

She admits that the frozen yogurt treat that helped Emma Raducanu get to the US Open in September was missing. She might not have had the necessary resolve to prevent Caroline Garcia from completely “mullering” her in the second round of Wimbledon 2022.

After committing a double-fault on the opening point, the two-time grand slam champion scarcely made a mistake. Like the rest of the way as she easily won 6-3, 6-3. She had stated on the eve of the game that it would take “aggressiveness” to take on the feisty Raducanu. And she promptly started the game by being aggressive.

The 19-year-old British fighter has a strong counterpunch. And occasionally it appeared conceivable for him to rebound off the ropes after connecting with a powerful groundstroke. However, in the whirling wind of a Centre Court that to no avail ever managed to get really warm.  Wild hooks missed their mark and the scoreboard steadily counted against her.

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Only 15 members of the Royal Box were present to greet the new tennis princess of Great Britain to what is officially her sovereign territory. Furthermore, Raducanu has yet to figure out how to make the majestic pile work effectively for her, unlike Andy Murray.

A few cries of “Come on, Emma!” almost unintentionally caused a ripple of encouragement, but Raducanu’s performance was too inconsistent to build it into a crescendo. Garcia was more at ease with her game plan despite being three years older, having a top 10 pedigree dating back much further, and being nine years older.

Raducanu – Won The First Set of Round

But the British No. 1 is purely a fighter, so when Garcia broke to start the first set, she immediately broke back. After that, only her French opponent was successful in breaking once more. The first set was eventually won by Raducanu after a valiant hold and forceful service. Although it never seemed like anything more than a formality.

Raducanu had a mountain to climb; forget Henman Hill, sometimes audible from outside the boundaries of Centre Court. Garcia fell again. Raducanu struck back again. After saving two more break points in the seventh game, Raducanu gave up another with a double fault.

Despite Raducanu’s best efforts, the match point could not be averted. The home hope was helpless with one more powerful cross-court backhand into the corner. It felt more than anything else to be in disbelief.

Standing ovations greeted her exhausted wave as she exited the court, but it is obvious that the US Open crown will be difficult for her to carry moving forward if she wants to hold court in this city more successfully.



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