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Brazilian Jonathas Freitas has the world’s first suit designed by AI

Sourced photo
Sourced photo

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The first suit designed by Artificial intelligence was created by the American app Lensa

Artificial intelligence evolved from a science fiction movie plot to optimize real-world processes that make life easier for everyone in modern society.

In 2022, one of the main highlights of artificial intelligence in the world was Lensa, an application that creates realistic photos with AI. The app was created by the American developer Prisma AI, located in the state of California.

Especially in Brazil, the app gained a lot of prominence at the end of 2022 and attracted thousands of users.

In Brazil, the success of this technology inspired the tailor Thalles Reis from the Alfaiataria Cotovia, a tailor shop in São Paulo, to design clothes entirely with AI software.

The first piece produced was a suit for one of the most important technology entrepreneurs in Brazil. Jonathas Freitas is one of the biggest promoters of artificial intelligence in the world. “Technology today is no longer a competitive differential; it has become an obligation, because today technology is a commodity. If you don’t have technology, your business will be outdated. This is just the beginning of things that will be possible to combine in the online and offline worlds,” revealed Freitas in an Instagram post.

“To create this outfit, my tailor analyzed the created images and made the pieces. The entire design was created based on artificial intelligence, dispensing all the work of designing something from zero,” he concluded.

These are the first records in the world of clothes produced 100% by artificial intelligence in Brazil and worldwide.

Jonathas Freitas

Whoever is in the technology sector in Brazil has probably heard of Jonathas Freitas. In 2021, Jonathas Freitas’s biography was already impressive, with more than 40 startups in the portfolio, some of them with international recognition. But 2022 was the big year in Freitas’ life. He expanded his investments outside the technology sector, investing in cosmetics, real estate, advertising, distribution, and hospitality. He made big moves in business, approached the Swiss government, and even invested in Asia. Brazil definitely became small for Jonathas Freitas. He is also a BMW ambassador and works with one of the largest social programs in Brazil, the Ayrton Senna Institute, named in honor of the famous racing driver to support education.

In recent decades, Jonathas has transformed his goals into a network of businesses spread across different countries and in different formats. Recently, he was on a business trip through Europe and met with some of the most important executives in Switzerland and Germany. Earlier this year, he was in New York accompanied by his wife, Carolina Barros, for a series of business meetings that should take place over the next few years.

All of these ongoing businesses in multiple locations are possible because Jonathas has embraced a worldwide trend towards running multiple businesses. The entrepreneur acts as a “serial entrepreneur,” a modality in which the investor acts as an investing partner and becomes a business advisor, but does not participate in the administration, enabling the infinite creation of businesses. 

Through Instagram, Jonathas shares the backstage of his life, news about his businesses and tips for other entrepreneurs looking to improve their businesses. He has already received the main awards for entrepreneurs in Brazil, is respected by the entire Brazilian press, is starting to make important moves internationally and is certainly a name that should become more and more constant in international business, especially in technology.

In the tech world, Jonathas Freitas is a well-known figure in Brazil. With over 40 startups in his portfolio, he has achieved international recognition for his successes in the tech industry. However, 2022 was a particularly noteworthy year for Freitas, as he expanded his investments to include industries such as cosmetics, real estate, advertising, distribution, and hospitality. His business ventures have taken him all over the world, from Europe to Asia and even to New York. In addition to his various business pursuits, Freitas is also a BMW ambassador and works with the Ayrton Senna Institute, a social program in Brazil focused on education. As a “serial entrepreneur,” Freitas operates as an investing partner and business advisor for numerous businesses, allowing him to constantly create new ventures. He shares his experiences and advice for other entrepreneurs through Instagram, and has received numerous awards for his entrepreneurial successes in Brazil. With his growing list of international business endeavors, Jonathas Freitas is a name to watch in the tech industry.

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