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Budding Artist MC Luna Trine Wows Audiences With His Impressive Musicality and Admirable Values

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Sourced photo

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Studies show that the human brain is naturally wired to have prejudice. And although this is generally regarded as a negative trait, it was inevitable during ancient times when it was necessary to live in groups for survival, and outsiders should be treated with caution as they may pose threats. However, in recent years, biases have evolved, and discrimination has become rampant, causing an unnecessary divide in the world. Cognizant of this, visionary artist MC Luna Trine aims to use his brand and platform to promote acceptance. 

The talented young man has been in the entertainment industry both behind and in front of the camera. He started as a photographer and has interacted with various professionals such as fashion models, musicians, celebrities, and many others. His experience working with different personalities helped him realize the importance of forging a solid and meaningful connection with everyone, no matter their status in life. 

“Being a former photographer that has shot with many celebrities and public figures has allowed me to see everyone the same, not viewing everyone differently based on their status or success. I understand that building with anyone willing to build with you is more important than how well-known a person is,” the insightful man shared. He added, “Also, my openness and nonjudgmental view of people’s creativity helps me become open to working with other people from all walks of life.”

But of course, setting aside one’s prejudice and biases is not always easy for some. As such, many have asked MC Luna Trine to share how he avoids making snap judgments, to which he generously answered, “I try my best to be authentic and honest. I do my best to set aside my ego and feel as though everyone is the same. When I was a photographer, I could do a shoot with a well-known celebrity in a few hours after meeting up with a person who is starting their journey in the creative field and treat them the same way with respect. I love to help and inspire others and give people advice. I am open to creating with other people, no matter the level of skills they have. I love to work with and create with other people. I am open to trying new creative ideas and taking advice from others.”

Because of his impressive philosophy, the inspiring artist has achieved massive success in all his endeavors. Just recently, he pursued his passion for songwriting and singing after being motivated by his musician friends and colleagues. He released his first ever single, “Aura For Me,” an anthem that revolves around connecting with another person based on their aura and energy. Before long, the rising star dropped his second song, “Come With Me To The Moon.”

In keeping with his mission of connecting with people, the artist and photographer also started a travel vlog. His content generally shows his various adventures and trips as well as his journey as a music artist and photographer. Through these videos, he aims to take his fans and audiences along as he continues to hone his craft and enhance his creative process. With such remarkable talent and exceptional values, MC Luna Trine will undoubtedly rise to the top of the entertainment industry and become one of the most followed and respected musicians of today.

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