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Creative Visionary M Teresa Lawrence Empowers Refugees Through the Power of Play

M Teresa Lawrence
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M Teresa Lawrence, a Cuban refugee turned accomplished lawyer, publisher, and educator, is on a mission to inspire and uplift refugee and displaced children through her new initiative. With her brand, Henry Forest LLC, Teresa aims to embrace the creative spirit of adventure and play, offering a unique approach to leadership called “The Leadership of Play.” Through her innovative products and services, Teresa encourages individuals to live life outside the box and tap into their inner creativity and authenticity.

As a Cuban refugee herself, Teresa understands the challenges faced by refugee children and the feeling of being “other.” Drawing from her own experiences, she recognizes the transformative power of storytelling and imagination. From a young age, Teresa’s grandmother instilled in her the belief that stories have the ability to change the world. Now, she wants to pass on this wisdom and empower refugee children to become the creators of their own journeys.

To achieve this goal, Teresa plans to give a copy of her book, “GLORIOUSNESS,” along with a journal, colored crayons, and pencils to refugee and displaced children throughout the world. Thoughtfully designed, GLORIOUSNESS helps children process their emotions and encourages them to write their own stories.Teresa hopes to inspire these children to embrace their true potential and recognize the love that comes from within. By promoting self-expression and inner reflection, Teresa hopes the book inspires these children to write their own stories as those of hope, peace, health, gratitude and compassion and a journey to success

Speaking about her vision, Teresa said, “At some point in the journey of life, you come to the inevitable conclusion that we are all here to uplift each other. My brand is all about empowering the inner Trueness in all of us!” With her brand, Henry Forest, Teresa aims to celebrate the leadership in each individual and foster a community of creative visionaries who are making a positive impact on the world.

As part of her commitment to sharing her message, Teresa will be speaking in November at the annual Fire Up Live business networking mastermind event in San Diego, California. This highly anticipated three-day event brings together like-minded professionals for networking, business workshops, live presentations, and celebrity guest speakers. Attendees can also look forward to Red Carpet Reality TV Show Premieres and a Real Estate Investing Mastermind Breakfast.

Teresa’s presence at the Fire Up Live event offers a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from her wealth of experiences and insights. Her talk will focus on the importance of living life outside the box, embracing creativity, and the transformative power of “The Leadership of Play.” By encouraging individuals to break free from conventional thinking and explore new possibilities, Teresa hopes to inspire a generation of leaders who will shape a better future.

To learn more about M Teresa Lawrence and her creative vision, visit her website. You can also follow her journey on Instagram.

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