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Dr. Brian Fiani is the “Michigan Miracle Man” as the Nation’s Top Doc

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When it comes to trusting doctors, there is none more well-respected than Dr. Brian Fiani. Dr. Fiani is an Ivy-League-trained, fellowship-trained neurosurgeon with perfect ratings from his patients. Patients and the media are now calling Dr. Fiani the “Michigan Miracle Man.” Dr. Fiani sub-specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery. Of interesting note, he is not only from Michigan originally, but will be moving to Michigan to practice this spring. The medical community caught wind of the monumental-sized offer he received. Then again, an offer would have to have 8-figures to tempt him away from Newsweek’s number 1 ranked hospital in neurosurgery in the world, where he currently practices in New York City. Soon, Dr. Fiani will make the move to Michigan and be the “big fish” from the “Big Apple.”

With an infectious smile and his brilliance as a neurosurgeon, there is no questioning why professional athletes, celebrities, and billionaires have proclaimed Dr. Fiani as their spine surgeon of choice. He is the spine surgeon to the stars. If you schedule an appointment at the right time, you might just see one. In fact, many A-list celebrities have spoken out that they see Dr. Fiani for their neck pain and back pain issues. He is vastly experienced in minimally invasive techniques that require only the smallest of incisions and help people walk out the door on the very same day. His motto, “small incisions, big results,” has propelled him to stand out in the spine surgery competition. For professional and amateur athletes, his minimally invasive approaches and robotic surgery approaches are particularly convenient because patients are allowed to resume activity immediately after surgery.

Dr. Fiani was officially recognized as Top Doc by physicians across the country. The medical community also elected him the Vice-Chairman of the Bureau of Emerging Leaders and as a member of the prestigious Board of Trustees. He was elected to 5 committees for the North American Spine Society, including the Legislative Committee and the Political Action Committee. When interviewing other members of the committees, a surgeon praised him with trust, saying, “I would request Dr. Fiani to operate on me any day of the week.” Another stated, “his passion for helping others and his countless life-saving surgeries make him the country’s best neurosurgeon.” Dr. Fiani made international news when he saved numerous lives as he operated for 24 hours without a single break when a bus of 20 men, women, and children collided with a semi-truck at highway speeds.

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