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Futurization Aims to Advance Traditional Business Owners to the World of Web3 and NFT

In the last few years, there have been a lot of setbacks and hurdles that multiple budding and seasoned entrepreneurs have encountered. Some had to temporarily close their business ventures, while others had to shut down completely. To address these pressing concerns in the business industry and open more business owners to the endless possibilities presented by the digital world, Film Director Victor Machilgan  and Executive Producers ISHA and Victor Sychov decided to collaborate on Futurization, which will revolutionize how a traditional business operates by introducing the Web3 and NFT space. In the interview, he stated, “It is a new sphere, a new growing industry. I know ISHA and Victor very well. They have great expertise in art, Web3 and NFT.” Together with my partner Edward Cologna we constantly work on bringing high quality content on TV and this is another journey we are happy to dive into. 

Futurization aims to connect traditional business owners with Web3 and NFT experts to help them achieve business growth and reach great opportunities to expand and withstand crises. At present, e-commerce is already influenced by Web3, crypto, and NFTs, and this trend will only continue to grow. Additionally, as startups continue to innovate quickly, the use cases for blockchain are likewise gaining momentum on an upward trajectory.   

As economic experts predict another upcoming crisis that could be as severe as the one that occurred from 2008 to 2010, these new waves and Web3 could assist businesses in surviving and rising to the top of their respective fields by utilizing modern tools and connecting with legitimate NFT and Web3 experts.

In the pilot episode of Futurization, three experts will meet with several business owners from a variety of backgrounds. The full lineup of mentors includes CEO of a premium minting platform for NFTs, Los Angeles-based Web 3/ NFT attorney, NFT.NYC speaker, trademark attorney Nuzayra Haque-Shah, and London based NFT art curator Alina Gordienco. This panel of experts will discuss and think outside the box on what is required to put each business in an advantageous position in the market. On the other side of the field are artist and celebrity jeweler Alligator Jesus, chiropractor and bodybuilding champion Dr. Marwan Chahayed of MLC Clinic, Oasis Restaurant Manager Gaspar, Los Angeles-based exclusive candle brand creator and wellness promoter Moda, and special guest 84-year-old influencer, prankster, and investor Lucky Luke from Cape Town, South Africa. 

The experts will investigate the background and history of each company as part of the game plan. Consequently, this will assist in outlining the elements of the strategy and tactics that will be employed, further determining what is effective and what is not. They will also look into their marketing initiatives, tools, and what they can bring to the table. Then, the experts will hold a brainstorming session with the owners to develop solutions and alternatives. Ultimately, the goal is to build communities around shared experiences using NFTs and also with the use of Web3.

The entire show will intricately explain how NFT and Web3 can impact and drastically change the way traditional businesses approach the market. This will reflect on how each guest’s business progresses even after the mentoring ends. Currently, Victor and his team are hard at work with the production of the pilot episode, and is set to pitch the show to multiple TV networks. 

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