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Larry Nassar: Olympic gymnasts Biles, Raisman and Maroney seeks $1 billion from the FBI 

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Legal representatives of more than 90 women and girls who were sexually not treated well by Larry Nassar. He was the former USA Gymnastics team doctor, claims with the FBI for more than $1 billion. Therefore, claiming that investigators could stop Nassar’s abuse and protected other victims.  If the case had not been inaccurate.

Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, and Maggie Nichols, a world champion, are among the claimants. According to the law company representing them, each has requested $50 million.

According to their attorneys, gymnasts Kaylee Lorincz and Hannah Morrow are seeking $42.5 million each. But, according to attorneys, the majority of the 90 women are seeking $10 million each. Hence, for a total of $1 billion to $1.2 billion.

The FBI is overseen by the Department of Justice, which did not agree to comment to CNN.

Claimants must notify the federal agency before filing a lawsuit in federal court, as required by the Federal Tort Claims Act. Before a lawsuit came into effect, the government has six months to settle or refute the claim.

The FBI had legitimate allegations from several victims by July 2015, according to the notice of the Federal Tort Act claims. But failed to interview them or thoroughly investigate the abuse, according to the attorneys.

According to the report, the FBI had credible accusations and confirmed evidence of Dr. Larry Nassar’s (Nassar) sexual assaults. The assaults of children and young women over the years and throughout the globe.


The FBI failed to adequately investigate accusations from gymnasts who informed the bureau about the abuse in 2015.

According to the inspector general, the agents misled investigators, but the Justice Department declined to press charges during the Trump administration and again early in the Biden administration.

13 Nassar sexual assault victims filed separate claims against the FBI in April. Therefore, alleging that all FBI agents participating in the Nassar investigation chose to “turn a blind eye” to Nassar’s sexual abuse of youngsters.

According to administrative tort claims seeking $10 million from each of the 13 victims. Some agents were guilty of “negligence” and “wrongful conduct” during the inquiry.

The Justice Department said in May that it will not prosecute two former FBI agents accused of mishandling the sex abuse investigation into Nassar. Therefore, marking the third time prosecutors had reached that judgment.

The decision to not prosecute the agents came “after several examinations and analyses of information acquired in the investigation of the former agents. It represents the recommendation of experienced prosecutors,” according to a statement released at the time by the department.

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