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Inside the Vision of Lyubov Tsokolo and Her Booming Brand: A Story of Entrepreneurial Success

Lyubov Tsokolo
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Strong women are stepping into the corporate world with complete faith in their ability to thrive on their own. Lyubov Tsokolo, a mother, entrepreneur, and producer co-owner of the SUPER MOM brand, is a role model for all young women who wish to have a great job and a happy family.

SUPER MAMA was founded in 2016 by Lyubov Tsokolo and her business partner Natalia Petlyakova. The company celebrates the versatile woman who juggles several responsibilities, prioritizes her family without sacrificing her career, and is always eager to learn new things while maintaining her beauty and honesty. To establish a positive environment where women can be motivated by successful mothers who play a variety of roles on all levels, SUPER MAMA was born. The establishment of the SUPER MOM brand was motivated by the drive to succeed, the art of mastering a balanced lifestyle, and the ambition to be successful modern mothers.

In just a few years, the brand has grown into a global venture that operates in Russia, Dubai, Miami, and Monaco, among other places. The project includes a magazine, award presentations, events, a club, and a business forum as part of its multidimensional approach to the community.

Women who are interested in participating in this initiative are assisted in developing a platform for networking with like-minded individuals who share their interests, aspirations, and business ambitions. In addition, members of the club receive a thorough business strategy, a training program, and a thorough work system. Providing optimal and comprehensive solutions to all areas needed for a versatile life, this combination of services demonstrates SUPER Mama’s customer-centric attitude.

The development of events where the SUPER MOTHER, SUPER FAMILY, and SUPER KIDS awards are presented in distinctive settings is one of the accomplishments. In addition, every member of the business forum had to benefit from the special experiences provided by business owners, investors, executives, and experts since, as the saying goes, we must learn from the mistakes of those whose mistakes we hope to emulate as our business partners.

The recent SUPER MAMA event took place in Dubai. But, rather than just having an event or a magazine, Lyubov Tsokolo has developed a whole planet of people who think the same, communicate with one another online and offline, and have the opportunity to use a multitude of resources to ensure success. 

Lyubov Tsokolo’s passion for entrepreneurship and motherhood is infectious, and her brand SUPER MAMA continues to inspire women all over the world to lead fulfilling lives. Through her commitment to promoting community, success, and authenticity, Tsokolo has created a thriving brand that celebrates the many roles women play in their families, careers, and communities.

With a sharp focus on innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction, Tsokolo has built a business that not only benefits her personally but also contributes to the empowerment of women everywhere. Tsokolo, a mother and businesswoman, demonstrates that it is possible to have it all and that anyone can realize their aspirations with effort, commitment, and a dash of style.

SUPER MAMA’s commitment to engaging high-quality partners and audiences, working with reputable brands, and promoting only products and ideas tested within the brand is propelling the brand to international success like never before. For a complete view, we recommend checking out Lyubov Tsokolo, the successful mother and entrepreneur, on her website

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