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Meximodo’s Authentic Flavors and Lively Atmosphere Already Making Waves in Metuchen, New Jersey

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Saurabh Abrol, Le Malt Hospitality Group’s esteemed CEO, has once again shown his culinary prowess with the November 2023 opening of Meximodo, a vibrant Mexican restaurant in the heart of Metuchen, New Jersey. A testament to Abrol’s dedication to outstanding service and innovation, Meximodo welcomes guests on an immersive journey into Mexican gastronomy and culture.

Meximodo stands among the impressive roster of hospitality brands under the Le Malt Hospitality Group umbrella, alongside Le Malt Lounge, Le Malt Royale, and Le Malt Imperiale. However, its origins trace back to a simple request from Abrol’s daughters, who wanted their father to create a vibrant, kid-friendly restaurant. The plea ignited a spark for a family-centric venture, which ultimately led to the conception of Meximodo; an exuberant eatery with the Tri-State area’s most extensive selection of tequila.

Abrol’s journey, seeded in his immigration from Delhi, was a true testament to resilience as he overcame challenges in an intensely competitive industry. His staunch belief in building a talented, driven workforce has been a beacon for his company’s success. 

In November 2023, Meximodo’s grand opening quickly established its reputation as a must-visit destination for lovers of authentic Mexican cuisine. To capture the true essence of Mexico and bring it stateside, Abrol dispatched the Meximodo team, under the guidance of Executive Chef Antonio Carballo and Master Mixologist Carlos Ruiz, on an immersive expedition to Mexico City. 

The team traversed the legendary Coyoacan Market, savored diverse liquors in Tequila, visited Mexico’s famed agave fields, and indulged in a diverse range of restaurants – from acclaimed hotspots to humble family-owned taquerias. The culmination of this adventure is evident in Meximodo’s authentic menu, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the nuanced flavors of Mexican cuisine. 

Meximodo’s culinary richness is complemented by its ambiance, an immersive atmosphere adorned with banquettes, family-style tables, and massive paintings of Catrina, a Day of the Dead icon seemingly brought to life through advanced video mapping technology. Adding an aura of mystique is the private Dalia’s Rose Room, accessible via a hallway made special by thousands of roses suspended in the air.

Since its debut, Meximodo has garnered widespread acclaim and effusive praise from discerning food and beverage critics. Responding to fervent demand, Abrol recently announced the introduction of a mouthwatering brunch menu, a collection of curated dishes aimed at tantalizing the palate. This brunch spread embodies the vividness and authenticity of Meximodo’s culinary artistry, presenting an array of appetizers, entrees, and desserts to captivate a variety of taste buds.

Abrol’s forward-thinking outlook extends beyond Meximodo’s inception and brunch expansion. The restauranteur is committed to evolving in every way, from refining the menu with healthier options to incorporating sustainability initiatives such as the use of Mexican recycled glass, biodegradable straws and containers, and energy-efficient appliances.

With a passionate ambition to elevate Le Malt Hospitality Group into a billion-dollar empire, Abrol aims to leave an indelible legacy for his daughters while etching his name as an industry trailblazer. 

Transport your senses south of the border with a visit to Metuchen’s newest and hottest restaurant. Be sure to make a reservation – seats tend to fill up fast. Please visit for more information or to make a reservation.

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