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Michael Prince Johnson: A Musical Journey of ‘Street Of Danger Vol.1’ (Extended Version) and Financial Success

Michael Prince Johnson: A Musical Journey of 'Street Of Danger Vol.1' (Extended Version) and Financial Success
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Worlds-renowned musician and DJ Michael Prince Johnson have released an extended edition of his acclaimed album “Street of Danger Vol.1,” showcasing his talents as a composer, musician, producer, and storyteller. The album blends EDM, amapiano, and Afro-House with 12 sensational songs, including international radio hits like “Street of Danger Vol.1”, “Madness”, and others. Johnson’s music has gained worldwide recognition, dominating radio airplay and reaching 500 million listeners across 160 countries through 3000 radio stations.

He holds the record with the most numerous songs that achieved radio airplay in the US radio formats among Austrian artists, bands, and DJs.

As the first instrumental music artist living in Austria to attain such unprecedented success, Johnson stands as a true trailblazer in his field.

His compositions have earned critical acclaim from prestigious publications and captivated audiences globally. Since 2007, he has released over 70 albums and 600 songs and established himself as a prolific and innovative artist. Johnson is a pioneering instrumental artist who explores diverse themes through his music.

The financial success of his music has opened doors for Johnson, allowing him to attain a permanent residency visa in Austria and pursue entrepreneurship. He has taken advantage of these opportunities by establishing his own music record label and booking agency, The value of his music catalog, including his radio hits, is estimated to be in the millions. In addition to his musical achievements, Michael Prince Johnson also takes on significant business responsibilities within his company. As a multifaceted artist and entrepreneur, he plays an important role in various areas, including management, sales and promotion, public relations, and production. Johnson’s business allows him to oversee the strategic aspects of his career, ensuring the smooth operation and success of his music endeavors. His involvement in management ensures effective decision-making and organizational structure, while his sales and promotion efforts contribute to expanding his reach and connecting with a wider audience.

Moreover, Johnson’s aptitude in public relations enables him to maintain positive relationships with industry professionals, media outlets, and his fan base. Additionally, he takes an active role in production, ensuring the quality and artistic vision of his music releases. Through his diverse skill set and entrepreneurial spirit, Michael Prince Johnson demonstrates his commitment to both his artistic expression and the business aspects of his musical journey.

He also forms a musical duo, The 72 Diamonds, alongside his wife Michaela Queenie Johnson. For more information about his latest album, “Street Of Danger Vol.1” (Extended Version), upcoming concerts, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial ventures visit The album is available on all digital platforms.

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