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Nobody Studios Etches a Groundbreaking Model That Will Change the World of Business Forever

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The rapid progress of technology has brought about massive innovation to the world. The systems that used to function like well-oiled machines are no longer sustainable as new and better practices continue to arise. Archaic models are being pushed out faster than ever, and adaptability has become the name of the game. 

Fresh off the gate, Nobody Studios brings much-needed innovation to the world of venture capitalism, putting the power back into the hands of the general public to create compelling companies with a finger on the pulse of the masses. Introducing the marriage of crowdfunding and venture capitalism, nobody is doing it quite like Nobody Studios. 

Suffice it to say, the traditional VC system has become outdated. Severely outperformed by the emerging venture studio system, VCs have shown a poor 21% investment return rate on average compared to the massive 53% investment return average of venture studios. Furthermore, VCs tend to complete their funding rounds in a span of 56 months, while venture studios cut this metric in half, boasting 25-month averages for zero to series A funding.

Undeniably, venture studios are the future of startups and company creation. As such, Nobody Studios has positioned itself as a premier venture studio on a mission to create 100 high-quality companies across five years on the back of its proprietary Crowd Infused™ business model. With such an ambitious goal in mind, Nobody Studios has been on an unstoppable path to acquiring remarkable talent, influence, and capital. 

The world’s most talented investors have already taken an interest in Nobody Studios, allowing the company to obtain investors ranging from former executives of Mohegan Sun, American Airlines, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, and Facebook to six bestselling authors and other successful entrepreneurs with over $9 billion in exits. 

In such a short amount of time, the acclaimed venture studio has already captured the attention of award-giving bodies, hailing Nobody Studios as one of the Top 10 Venture Studios for 2023. The company is on a mission to bring everyone along with them toward the summit of success. Through its Crowd Infused model, anyone can partake in every stage of the company creation process by investing funds, offering innovative ideas, and becoming early adopters of the company’s products. 

Individuals from all walks of life can easily invest in Nobody Studios. With as little as a $100 investment, investors may claim their stake in every company that Nobody creates. This marks the first-ever opportunity for literally anyone to invest. For Nobody Studios, credit scores, income level, or family history doesn’t matter; the company accepts all investors with open arms. 

There are 14 excellent startups that Nobody Studios is currently developing. Any potential crowdfunder could choose to invest in these emerging startups, such as ThoughtForma, an intelligent no-code platform that empowers entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to market in minutes, Ovationz, a virtual event and talent marketplace led by Ray Leonard, Jr., which helps speakers get booked for virtual engagements for as little as 15 minutes, in moments, Webdelics, described as the “WebMD of Psychedelics,” this education site is guiding the world through the future of alternative plant-based medicines for mental health, addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and Parentipity, a parent creator community with contributors being paid for the content they share—including tips and tricks on how to care for their children.

Nobody Studios Founder and CEO/Chief Nobody, Mark S. McNally, is adamant about bringing his vision to life with the help of a global team of investors. The Chief Nobody firmly believes that the old and outdated VC system is a thing of the past. Fresh and innovative ideas are what the industry needs, and McNally is fully convinced that the next big thing won’t come from an executive VC office but “from a 12-year-old girl in India playing Minecraft on her couch right now.” 

Such an inspiring statement is a testament to Nobody Studios’ commitment to harnessing the power of the people to create the world’s next great company, all while elevating wealth-building opportunities, inspiring a generation of thinkers, and ultimately, changing the world for the better.

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