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Unveiling the Iris: Ginger DeClue’s Transformational Journey in Iridology and Detoxification

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In the dynamic landscape of holistic wellness, one name is radiating: Ginger DeClue. Famed for her prowess in the enigmatic art of iridology and her life-changing detoxification programs, DeClue is a beacon of hope for those battling chronic ailments.

Her digital footprint, marked by a deluge of shining testimonials, showcases the transformative power of her detox plans. However, it’s her deep-rooted expertise in iridology — a technique that reads health issues through the unique patterns of the iris — that truly sets DeClue apart in the wellness industry.

Iridology unfurls a person’s health narrative through the exquisite color palette of their iris. 

Guided by complex charts, iridologists like DeClue decipher these intricate patterns, each sector of the iris resonating with a specific bodily function or organ. DeClue elucidates, “By studying unique patterns and color variations, I can spot potential health risks triggered by toxins.” While she emphasizes that iridology is not a diagnostic tool, it serves as a reflective pool for our overall well-being. She’s observed that individuals undergoing detox often present noticeable enhancements in iris health.


DeClue’s odyssey into the realm of iridology and detoxification was sparked by her personal struggle with chronic illness. Misdiagnosed and dismissed by a top-notch hospital, she was later diagnosed with brain swelling at Moss Rehab in Philadelphia. Further diagnoses of Behçet’s disease and familial Mediterranean fever promised a future tethered to medication. “The diagnosis pushed me into a vortex of despair,” she confesses. This very despair ignited her pursuit of holistic healing and iridology.

To DeClue, iridology is a skill honed by practice. “My practice is erected on my personal journey towards health, exhaustive research, and mentorship,” she shares. Though she holds a certificate from Dr. Morse, DeClue ascribes her wisdom to the experience of studying over 4,000 sets of eyes. “No substitute exists for hands-on experience. Trust me, I’ve had my share!” she exclaims. One of her intriguing observations is that genuine eye colors are limited to blue and brown, with green or hazel often indicative of accumulated waste. Armed with such insights, DeClue has steered over 3,000 people through her widely-celebrated Detox by DeClue’s D8 Cellular Reconstruction System.

Initiated by clients submitting iris photographs and a brief health history, DeClue’s iridology readings provide a detailed 14-page report within 48-72 hours, accompanied by an exhaustive consultation with a detox advisor. 

DeClue’s reports yield a dual impact, bringing solace and affirmation to clients. “Many clients experience immense relief when their previously overlooked health concerns are recognized through iridology. Hearing me say, ‘You might be experiencing these symptoms because I’m spotting this mark,’ offers them validation,” DeClue recounts. Ginger DeClue’s journey from a patient with chronic illness to a celebrated detox coach and iridology authority is a vibrant testament to the potency of self-healing and discovery. With her deep insights and spirited approach, she galvanizes others to regain their health, guiding them toward a path of wellness.


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