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Yogic Healing: Mohan Sadashiv Joshi’s Divine Gift of Relief

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One name stands out for its profound impact and incredible results in alternative healing modalities: Mohan Sadashiv Joshi. Through years of dedicated exploration and learning from experts, saints, and evolved souls, Joshi developed the transformative method of Yogic Healing. Based on the ancient teachings of Maharishi Patanjali and the traditional healing practices of India, Yogic Healing has brought relief and solace to countless individuals suffering from various ailments. In this article, we delve into the remarkable journey and extraordinary abilities of Mohan Sadashiv Joshi, a spiritual healer who has touched the lives of many.

Mohan Sadashiv Joshi invented this method of Yogic Healing through years of trial and error. In 1982, when there were very few healers in India, he began his journey in this field and worked hard to learn from experts, saints, and evolved souls. 

Yogic Healing is a very effective modality. This method is based on the teachings of the great saint Maharishi Patanjali and India’s ancient system of healing. The person practicing Yogic Healing works to increase the energy levels of the person they are helping and teaches them how to be a good channel for the energy. They also help the person calm their mind and become more serene. This type of healing doesn’t use up the energy of the person doing it but instead helps them feel even more energized.

Mohan Sadashiv Joshi’s healing abilities have earned him a distinguished reputation, with many notable individuals seeking treatment. Among his clients are renowned theater actor Suresh Khare, former Chief Minister of Karnataka Dharam Singh, and former Karnataka Minister for Rural Development H. K. Patil. H. K. Patil, who previously struggled to walk without support, experienced a miraculous recovery after Joshi’s spiritual healing, regaining the ability to walk unassisted. Such remarkable outcomes have solidified Joshi’s position as a trusted spiritual healer. Business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani (late) was also among Joshi’s list of famous patients.

Spiritual healing, as its name suggests, defies scientific explanations and operates in a realm that can only be described as magical. The healer’s touch is said to transmit warmth and energy, providing instant relief from long-standing pains and stiffness. Mohan Joshi, though not a doctor or divine incarnation, discovered through spiritual guidance that he possessed unique powers to alleviate ailments such as cervical spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis. His healing abilities have even surpassed those of physiotherapists, showing faster and more pronounced results in post-operative surgery, fractures, and fissures.

Joshi’s healing sessions, known as sittings, cater to the intensity and duration of each individual’s affliction. Whether it’s bronchospasms, sports-related discomfort, tendonitis, or goiter, the efficacy of spiritual healing has been celebrated by doctors and patients alike. Moreover, the affordability of each sitting ensures accessibility for people from all walks of life, making this transformative healing method available to everyone, regardless of their social or economic status.

Mohan Sadashiv Joshi’s healing prowess has attracted luminaries from various fields, including industrialists, writers, actors, chartered accountants, and advocates. With his daughter now by his side, assisting in this noble endeavor, Joshi travels tirelessly between Maharashtra and South India to provide much-needed relief to those eagerly awaiting his healing touch. Having retired from the State Bank of India, he dedicates himself wholeheartedly to this selfless task, finding fulfillment in the friendships, followers, and contentment he has gained. Together, they reach out to individuals far and wide, both within India and beyond, spreading the gift of Yogic Healing.

Mohan Sadashiv Joshi’s journey into the realm of Yogic Healing showcases the incredible power of ancient wisdom and spirituality in healing the body, mind, and soul. With his extraordinary abilities and dedication to serving others, Joshi has transformed the lives of countless individuals suffering from various ailments. As his reputation continues to grow, and with the support of his daughter, Joshi remains steadfast in his mission to bring relief and joy to those in need. The legacy of Yogic Healing serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the profound impact alternative healing methods can have on our well-being.

Mohan Sadashiv Joshi has now moved to California, USA after practicing Yogic Healing in India for four decades. He now teaches Yogic Healing both online and offline to his clients. 

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