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Keller Plastics: Leading Innovation in Plastic Extrusion

Mastering Material Innovation- Keller Plastics' Leadership in Plastic Extrusion
Photo Courtesy: Keller Plastics

The world of plastics is dynamic, forever evolving, and standing at the helm of these transformations is Keller Plastics, a name synonymous with integrity, precision, and innovation. Mastering the intricacies of plastic extrusion comes naturally to the company, as they transform rudimentary materials into robust, high-performing products. Their expertise in plastic extrusion is far-reaching, pushing the boundaries of technology and design, and placing us ahead of our industry counterparts.

Central to Keller Plastic’s cutting-edge extrusion services is an unrelenting commitment to comprehend the unique requirements of our clients and a determination to execute every project to the highest degree of precision and care. Their proficiency in this versatile technique allows the successful actualization of ideas into tangible, top-tier products.

Zooming in on PVC extrusion—a critical component of their services—they highlight their proficiency and relentless drive for innovation. Keller Plastic’s approach couples advanced techniques with constant advancements that significantly expand the applications and improve the properties of PVC, propelling us to industry leadership.

Their advanced techniques enable the strengthening of PVC’s durability to cater to more demanding applications such as industrial piping and outdoor furniture. This refinement not only equips their PVC products to endure harsher conditions but also prolongs their service lifespan.

Backed by their proprietary processes, they enhance the flexibility of PVC, paving the way for its application across various industries. This amplified flexibility renders Keller Plastics’ PVC ideal for medical tubing, flexible hoses, and wiring insulation, where adaptive potential is critical.

Consistent with our corporate dedication to sustainability, their team focuses on developing environmentally-friendly PVC extrusions—an approach that simultaneously reduces environmental impact and ensures uncompromised quality.

Keller Plastics take pride in their custom compounding capabilities which allow us to instill specific characteristics into our PVC products. This technique entails infusing various additives into PVC to develop UV-resistant outdoor signage, antimicrobial medical equipment components, and fire-resistant building materials, among others.

Their proficiency does not rest solely in standard materials but extends to crafting uniquely tailored solutions utilizing a wide scope of plastics extrusion materials. Keller Plastics’ aptness to modify these materials to meet specific needs resonates strongly with our clientele seeking custom plastic extrusion solutions.

Keller Plastics’ manufacturing process strictly adheres to industry standards, upholding precision, reliability, and high performance. They emphasize precision in crafting plastic extrusions, ensuring steadfast compliance with rigorous industry regulations and standards.

Unmatched versatility characterizes their approach to designing plastic profiles. Their facility can churn out a remarkable range of extruded plastic profiles, from simple, functional designs to incredibly complex configurations. This points to their readiness to cater to a diverse spectrum of client needs.

Notably, Keller Plastics’ resourceful approach allows them to serve sectors where precision, reliability, and adherence to high standards are non-negotiable. Essential components in the medical and aerospace sectors owe their existence to their expert plastic extrusion services.

In the words of their company mantra, “Keller Products is firmly committed to sustainability as a business practice and health and safety as a product standard.” This commitment to sustainability and safety is deeply woven into their corporate fabric and resonates in every product we produce.

As the company looks forward, they will relentlessly strive to improve, innovate, and raise industry standards. Reach out to Keller Plastics today at (603) 446-6916 or via email at and take the first step towards high-quality, tailor-made plastic extrusion solutions.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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