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Larry Gaiters: Bridging the Gap Between Faith-Based Values and the Entertainment Industry

Larry Gaiters Bridging Faith-Based Values and Entertainment
Photo Courtesy: Larry Gaiters

By: Factfullguys

1. How did Larry Gaiters become a nationally syndicated radio and red-carpet host?

31 years ago in 1993 I received a call from a good friend of mine who at the time was a Manager of radio station who wanted me to take over a particular talk show just for the evening – because the host was under the weather: I remember letting the host know that I had no experience at that time hosting a nationally syndicated radio talk show: I vividly remember taking a giant leap of faith! After that show was over – the manager said to me “More listeners and more calls came into the show that I substituted for – more than any other show in that stations history”. The manager wanted me to take over the show – but I said, ‘I do not believe in stepping over people to get what I want’. The manager said the host wants you to take over because he is retiring! As they say, “THE REST IS HISTORY”.

2. Can you tell us more about Larry Gaiters’ upcoming talk show, The Global Master Class Talk Show?

The Global Master Class core value is to give people the tools to get at the very root of their pain that has conceived their trauma thus giving birth to their addictions! My staff and I are working in collaboration with clinical psychologists and clinical psychiatrists from all over the nation.

3. What is the mission of Larry Gaiters’ talk show in terms of helping people find their true selves?

My mission is both national and international in helping every person know not just what they are but for them to know exactly ‘WHO THEY ARE’! By fully teaching every individual to begin the process of them discovering through the question ‘WHO IAM’.

4. How does Larry Gaiters plan to integrate faith-based principles into the Hollywood industry?

By bridging the gap of both Faith and Hollywood through the creation of our Global Movement Studios LLC for the creation, the distribution and the marketing of CHRIST CENTERED Films, Short Films, Television Documentaries with a red-pill paradigm – so that our Spiritual Brand will begin to transform the quality of content not only throughout the Hollywood Studio System and throughout the World of Entertainment.

5. Can you provide more information about The Global Movement Studios LLC and its goals?

Our Goal as a Faith Based Studio is to transform the quality of content so that our nation and the entire world can see CHRIST in every aspect of Spirituality – that will awaken this Generation and beyond to a dimension that has never been eye witnessed before – in terms of stretching minds so that their thinking will never go back to its original form.

6. What are some of the challenges Larry Gaiters faces in bridging the gap between the entertainment industry and faith-based values?

When you are called of and by GOD there is absolutely no challenge because those Faith Based Values being clearly taught that every individual remains an individual and not a person because they do not know their ‘VALUE’ because they do not know their ‘WORTH’! My Assignment From CHRIST is to bring Hollywood out of ‘THE CLEARANCE RACK’ of low value and low self-esteem because of them not knowing their ‘WORTH’.

7. How does Larry Gaiters address criticism of his unconventional approach?

I never react nor even respond to criticism because number one I Know ‘WHO IAM’number two – ‘What is Conventional to GOD is unconventional to darkness – and what is unconventional to GOD is conventional to darkness.

8. What is the significance of Larry Gaiters’ four-volume series, Comprehending the State of the Human Condition?

Comprehending The State of The Human Condition is to allow mankind to ask themselves ‘WHY AM I IN PAIN’ – and when creation finally discovers the very root of their pain – then creation can fully comprehend the State of Who and What They Are!

9. How does Larry Gaiters envision the impact of faith-based media projects created by The Global Movement Studios LLC?

The impact of our Faith Based Media Projects is not only in films, short films, and documentaries but also, we have hired gifted and powerful animation films that are fully CHRIST CENTERED that will celebrate the ‘FAITH BASED FAMILY INSTITUTION FULLY ORDAINED BY GOD’ through animation will teach this generation and beyond. Also, we have hired Faith Based Video Game Creators and Engineers who are in the process of designing ‘CHRIST CENTERED VIDEO GAMES’ with lessons of Faith and Spirituality.

10. Can you tell us more about Larry Gaiters’ background and experience in the media industry?

31 years as a Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show and Red-Carpet Host has taking me all over the World and my favorite major events that I absolutely love to cover is corporate and the political science events – interviewing World Leaders from every sphere. Our major projects besides our Global Master Class and our revolutionary Global Movement Studios LLC are to launch The GLOBAL MOVEMENT VENTURE CAPITAL GROUP of private equity in providing much needed capital for Faith Based Start-Ups in emerging markets of Technology, Clean Energy, Biotechnology and Global Media.

11. What are some of the professional memberships and associations Larry Gaiters is a part of?

The Paley Center for Media, The Edward R. Murrow Radio Television Digital News Association, The National Association of Broadcasters, The International Press Institute and The American Film Institute.

12. How does Larry Gaiters plan to address historical pain and trauma through his talk show?

Addressing and revealing people’s historical pain and trauma on my upcoming talk show by interviewing world renown clinical psychologist, clinical psychiatrist and showing LIVE 3D simulation of the brain in identifying historical pain and present-day trauma and giving people the tools to get at the very root of their pain that will free them to live wholesome productive lives.

13. What is the unique perspective of The Global Movement Studios LLC in creating faith-centered media?

 Global Movement Studios LLC Los Angeles unique perspective will be our Global Brand in creating, marketing, and distributing CHRIST CENTERED Films, Short Films, Television Series and Documentaries that will reveal Faith Based Principles of Family, Values and Integrity that will revolutionize the way Hollywood creates films with a message of Spirituality and Integrity.

14. How does Larry Gaiters plan to gain access to major red carpet events and increase his media coverage?

My staffs both here in Hollywood and in New York will be covering major red-carpet events on the corporate, political and entertainment levels both in the U.S. and around the World this year and in 2025. This will give us the Global Reach needed to expand our Media Brand Internationally.

15. Can you provide more information about Larry Gaiters’ future projects in 2024?

Besides our two major 2024 projects of our Nationally Syndicated Television Talk Show and our upcoming Global Movement Studios LLC. beginning in 2025 – GLOBAL SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION MEDIA GROUP LOS ANGELES Will launch our very first film festival called. ‘THE GLOBAL SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT FILM FESTIVAL’ as we host films, short films and documentaries that ‘FULLY EXPOSES HOW HISTORY Through the Arts, The Sciences and Education Has Been a Lie for The Past 6000 Years’. This film festival will give film makers an opportunity to showcase their unique Giftings in showing both Hollywood and the Cinematic World the Truth of how historicity has been altered so that the World can be fully awaken as to the very State of this Generation and Beyond.

16. How does Larry Gaiters see himself making a global impact through his work?

My main goal this year and beyond is to alter the Global Landscape of Thinking by teaching mankind the complete knowledge of himself through television, studio production with a red-pill paradigm ‘IF YOU WANT SOMETHING YOU NEVER HAD BEFORE – YOU MUST DO SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER DONE BEFORE’

17. Can you share some links to Larry Gaiters’ social media profiles and other related content? Social Media Planforms are:

Instagram @bishopjohnwick

X @BishopLGaiters

Including our Global Website of the Faith Base ‘Global Spiritual Revolution Media Group Los Angeles – New York:

WMCA AM 570 FM 102.3 iHeart Media Group

18. What are some of the topics Larry Gaiters explores in his published works, such as ‘Comprehending the State of The Human Condition’?

The Main Concentrated Topics that I cover within my 4 Volume Book Series ‘The State of The Human Condition’ is: ‘The Power of Addiction & The Addiction of Power’ – ‘Major Distinctions Between a Sickness and a Dis-ease’ ‘Intermitted Explosive Disorder’ and examining the DSM-5 if over 300 mental diseases, mental sicknesses, mental disorders and syndromes.

19. How does Larry Gaiters plan to use his platform to encourage individuals in Hollywood and beyond to find their true selves?

Through our major upcoming projects in 2024 and beyond is to fully impact not just Hollywood but also the Nation and the entire World to look within themselves – and to see themselves not within the ‘Clearance Rack of Low Self-Esteem’ but through the powerful Gift of ‘WHO’ they are as GOD has endowed upon every person the ability to know both their ‘Value’ and there ‘Worth’.

20. Can you provide more details about Larry Gaiters’ involvement in film festivals and his aspirations for the Oscars in 2024?

Our staffs both here in Hollywood and in New York wisely chooses specific red-carpet events, film festivals and major corporate events that will expand our Global Brand and thereby our Global Reach – including covering major international events like The NFL SUPER BOWL and being a part of the NFL Africa Initiative in Connecting the NFL To the African Continent and The African Diaspora.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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