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Robertson Human Asset Management Inc. Simplifying Headhunting and Recruiting in the Medical Device and Life Sciences Industry

Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges that organizations and companies face. The medical device and life sciences industry is not spared from this challenge as many companies struggle to find the right people working for them to achieve their goals. Due to a passion for the medical industry, Linda Robertson established Robertson Human Asset Management Inc., a company that has remained committed to hiring the best professionals for other companies and organizations in the industry.

Robertson Human Asset Management Inc. is a spawn of Linda Robertson’s years of experience working as a registered nurse and then evolving into a renowned entrepreneur, marketer, business leader, in-demand coach and expert authority in talent acquisition. She has led well-versed professionals in helping organizations expand their teams from sales to leadership. Her foray into sales was to deliver more impact to patients while improving the quality of the nursing practice. Then, after achieving success in the medical device industry as a sales professional, she noticed the lapses in talent acquisition across multiple industries and stepped in to contribute her quota toward fixing the problem.

Since its inception, Robertson Human Asset Management has solved problems like employee turnover, difficulty, talent shortage, competition for talent, poor hiring practices and challenges with retention. Under Linda Robertson’s leadership, the company has attracted and retained many high-performing individuals, which has set it apart in the recruitment and talent acquisition industry. Linda’s success with Robertson Human Asset Management can be attributed to her mastery of different systems and processes, which she applied to attract and retain high performers at the organization. “In this talent-scarce market, employers face rapid employee turnover, difficulty filling crucial roles, and declined offers, all negatively impacting their business and employee morale. Executive, leadership and sales talent are critical to business success. When companies need to replace them, they need to replace them with the best person in your industry- and fast,” Linda explained.

Linda Robertson’s approach has been certified as the clearest, quickest, most straightforward and most ethical way for organizations to build profitable relationships and expand their teams. Many Fortune 500 companies and SMEs in the medical devices and life science industry have grown to trust Robertson Human Asset Management, thanks to the company’s remarkable results.

Robertson Human Asset Management is about helping managers interview and hire top talents while also coaching candidates on how to interview effectively. It has helped companies hire in multiple areas, including human resources, executive assistants, operations, sales, marketing, purchasing, senior leadership and many more. “Our success is based on trust, outstanding candidates, great job opportunities and excellent results,” Linda said. “Our growth has been achieved through expert market knowledge, excellent standards and exceptional customer service care to both clients and candidates; we are one of the most respected recruiters within the medical device industry. We commit to filling vacancies with great people into great companies, period! Not just anybody!”

Over the next few years, the company’s goal is to become a global talent acquisition hub connecting employers with great talents to help them achieve progress, success and growth. “We hope to play on both sides by employing top-quality employees for companies and connecting top talents with rewarding careers,” Linda said.


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