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Diversity and Representation in Storytelling: How Running Wild’s RIZE Press Is Paving the Way

Running Wild
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Running Wild, LLC is a publishing company founded by Lisa Kastner, a gleaming writer and editor with over 20 years. Her belief in the power of storytelling to influence the world has driven her company to be one of the top players in the industry. Lisa’s goal with Running Wild is to bring captivating stories to life.

Running Wild Press offers readers a refreshing break from the norm by publishing works that are hard to fit into conventional categories, while RIZE Press spotlights genre stories crafted by underrepresented communities, including people of color. Running Wild books have received high praise from Kirkus Reviews, garnered pleasing reviews, and even found their way into the gift bags of Grammy nominees.

Running Wild’s RIZE Press collection features works by exceptional authors, including Lachi, a celebrated recording artist known for her diverse range of pulsating dance/EDM tracks and intimate acoustic piano-vocal concerts. Also featured is Shay Galloway’s groundbreaking novel, THE VALLEY OF SAGE AND JUNIPER, which has been praised for its captivating storytelling and socially conscious themes. These catalogs reflect Running Wild’s commitment to uncovering hidden gems and elevating underrepresented narratives to reach a wider audience.

Running Wild is a publishing powerhouse that understands the importance of providing fans with their favorite stories in various formats. They cater to the needs of generations who want stories that represent their own cultures and experiences. With their imprint RIZE, they focus on publishing works by genre authors from underrepresented communities that better reflect the diversity of our society. It’s not just about representation, but also about anticipating the needs of the future.

But that’s not all that sets Running Wild apart. From the very beginning, this press company has been committed to being eco-friendly, with a print-on-demand manufacturing model and a fully remote workforce. By using Hubspot for CRM and SaaS tools from Google and its partners, they utilize the latest technology to ensure that their fully remote team can collaborate effectively while maintaining the high quality of their work.

Ultimately, Running Wild, LLC is a publishing force that is dedicated to elevating the voices of talented writers and ensuring their stories receive the recognition they deserve. With the release of their 2023 books from Running Wild Press and RIZE Press, they take a bold step forward in their mission to transform the world through the art of storytelling.

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