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New Innovative Bag, The Hop Bag, Gets Fully Funded in Four Days on Kickstarter with Its Unique Brand Promise

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Creating innovative and problem-solving products is the way to survive in today’s business climate, and the creators of the new bag, The Hop Bag, have implemented this strategy in their product. Launched exclusively on Kickstarter, The Hop Bag is an all-new product that promises a high level of quality, functionality and convenience for customers looking to improve their traveling experience. The product’s high potential got confirmed recently with its fully-funded status, which it acquired on Kickstarter within four days of its exclusive launch.

The Hop Bag brings to life the dream of giving travelers a bag that adapts to their needs. By featuring an adaptable design that suits different needs, this product instills the idea that travel should not be difficult, especially when it comes to packing one’s bags. “This is the world’s most unique travel bag, and we believe that it will solve many people’s problems. Lugging multiple bags is no way to travel. So, we created this bag that has everything any traveler might need for their next short trip,” a spokesperson for the brand said.

Creating the product began in July 2021, and it has gone through different iterations and developmental stages to arrive at the final product. The team behind the product has remained committed to its goal of creating products that improve people’s luggage and travel needs. And they set out to achieve that goal by creating a single bag that can serve multiple purposes at once without straining the user or causing any distress on their trip.

The collaborators on this project are BackerLand, Backercrew – Top Campaign Booster, and Kickbooster, and their working together has created something remarkable that can help many people. “Our goal is to design multiutility and modular products that provide real solutions to users. We made sure to achieve this with our deep commitment to the environment and our customers by using environment-friendly, long-lasting and durable materials,” the team said.

Giving users a wide range of choices in a single package is the most significant selling point that The Hop Bag offers. Users can choose from a soft suitcase, messenger bag or laptop/tablet sleeve, depending on how much luggage they need for their trip. The bag is completely detachable and adaptable to suit different needs. It takes away the need to have multiple bags. Travelers who struggle with keeping their things organized will also find The Hop Bag useful for their travel needs as it features different bags and pouches for different needs.

With innovation and functionality in mind, The Hop Bag is changing the narrative for travelers and giving people something to look forward to. The brand has announced that production will commence in November 2022, and the first users will receive their bags in February 2023. The waitlist has started receiving entries, with the team members looking forward to the feelings owning the bag will evoke in prospective owners.

The bag’s price has been pegged at $398, and for all the functionalities it offers, it is quite a steal price. It is also currently on a promotional discount of up to 35% for the next few weeks, which provides interested buyers ample time to get a good deal on such an innovative product.

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