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Acclaimed Visionary Severine Keimig on Practicing Mindfulness and Prioritizing Wellness

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In a fast-paced world driven by the need to be productive all the time, slowing down has already become a luxury that only a few get to enjoy. Although this mindset of always being on the go enables people to get things done, it could also be a potential source of unnecessary stress. Taking heed of the pressing call for incorporating routines rooted in wellness, corporate luminary Severine Keimig addressed herself to the challenge of creating a platform that would encourage people to practice mindfulness and take self-care more seriously. 

At the heart of Severine Keimig’s purpose-driven efforts is the belief that in order for individuals to function properly, they need to let loose and take a break every once in a while. For this reason, she has made it her mission to remind people of just how important it is to take care of themselves and make room for some much-needed breathers. According to the visionary, nothing matters more than being able to give oneself the time to reflect, internalize, and slow down. 

Widely acknowledged for her entrepreneurial flair and creative prowess, Severine is the esteemed founder and CEO of Abundance Life League (ALL), an entity that focuses on betterment and holistic development. Aside from being a reputable figure in the business world, she has also made significant waves in the fashion industry as a full-time fashion model. Currently, she is working under Elite Models in New York and collaborating with other well-known agencies around the globe. 

Heavily determined to help individuals become the best versions of themselves, Abundance Life League has been going the extra mile to achieve its goal of teaching others sustainable ways of finding and establishing a healthy balance between the mind, body, and wealth. Since its inception, the company has already been a reliable provider of the right tools and resources geared toward obtaining inner and outer success. 

As someone who has always been passionate about self-care, Severine has managed to find an outstanding balance between her professional and personal life. In an effort to help other go-getters achieve the same kind of balance, she has recently published a wellness journal known as the 90-Day Guide for Successful Living, which aims to help people discover their life paths and find their ultimate purpose through guided self-reflection. On top of that, the journal is also the perfect tool for prioritizing and achieving short-term and long-term goals with the latest science in goal-setting and productivity. 

Indeed, Severine’s 90-Day Guide for Successful Living is a unique journal that delivers a step-by-step guide to finding balance in one’s life. Incorporated in the material is a revolutionary approach that tackles the three key factors—mind, body, and wealth—for achieving fulfillment and abundant life.

With no plans to slow down anytime soon, Severine continues to be a competent facilitator of success and a foremost self-care advocate. She wants everyone to start journaling and become more empowered to self-reflect daily. In this way, people can live a more productive and time-efficient structured life. 

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