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Successful Entrepreneur JetSetFly on Handling Betrayal with Dignity

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Aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs are not spared from the unseemly intentions of other people. Many entrepreneurs can attest to experiences of betrayal. What makes it worse is that it was done by someone they trusted or worked with closely. Multi-millionaire neuro-marketer, internet entrepreneur, public speaker, and internet personality JetSetFly has had the misfortune of being betrayed, which he considered one of the toughest seasons of his life. How he managed to rise above the betrayal is a living testimony worth hearing. 

Also known as Josh King Madrid, JetSetFly lost his house, one of his cars, friends, and almost $1 million. He also spent a lot of money on a lawsuit after being betrayed by one of his business partners, someone he least expected to take advantage of him. That single event in his life left him broken physically, emotionally, and financially. The situation also forced him to rethink things and analyze where he went wrong. 

“I started to reflect on my life purpose and the weakness I needed to work on as an entrepreneur. I gradually recovered from the dark period of life. I spent many months reflecting on all the mistakes I made that could have prevented that outcome, and then I worked tirelessly on improving myself,” JetSetFly shared. 

Determined to start anew despite his hurtful experience, he worked hard to strengthen and equip himself further. He was able to read more than 200 books, found new friends who influenced him positively, and started multiple businesses. At that time, he still found himself failing. But thanks to his positive mindset and determination to succeed, he opted to learn from every failure and move forward right away. Finally, the day came when everything just fell into place, and JetSetFly began to get blessing after blessing. 

He is proud that his business is ten times bigger today. His productivity and success have allowed him to enjoy more time freedom, build new memories with his family, and experience genuine fulfillment for the first time in his life. “It took deliberate action and commitment to my intention to get here. Through those experiences, I gained a new perspective on life, healed my inner trauma and implemented new principles to the way I operate in my business and relationships,” he explained. 

As a result of the betrayal he experienced, JetSetFly came up with five lessons learned from his experience that he shares with others to help them protect their businesses and themselves from betrayal. The first lesson is, “Regardless of how well you know someone, treat any business arrangement with due diligence. Motives can be hidden, even if they’re your best friends.” 

As for the second lesson, he urges people to pay attention to red flags such as the lack of ethics and values in some areas of their lives. Third, people should not broadcast the betrayal on social media. Fourth, he realized that even if he lost a battle, it does not mean he lost the war. “Life is long, and this is only temporary. The best is always yet to come, so pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. The reality is the betrayal happened for a reason: so you could learn some hard lessons and move forward only now, this time stronger, smarter and more resilient,” he explained.

Finally, he emphasizes the importance of working with people who share his own set of principles and values in life. It is easier to work with them. 

If anything, JetSetFly is where he is today because he did not give up on his dreams and pursuits despite the betrayal. Instead, he learned from it and came out a better person. Only then was he able to refocus himself and continue on his journey to success. By sharing his story, he hopes it helps people recover and heal from betrayal. 

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